The National Paralegal Reporter, A Trade Magazine With A Difference

National paralegal reporter is the trade magazine for the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc. Published every second month it has a readership of at least 14, 000 readers.

The national paralegal reporter is automatically sent to members of the NFPA® free of charge, (their membership fee covers the cost of their subscription) however non-members are also able to subscribe to the national paralegal reporter for reasonable subscription fee.

The magazine contains full color photos, In-depth feature articles on a variety of relevant legal topics, practical hands on tips and advice geared towards member’s professional growth, and the national paralegal reporter magazine keeps all members up to date with the latest changes in legislation and law, although only those that are relevant to the paralegal profession.

Looking through a sample issue, you would see there were approximately nine pages with full color photos, advertisements, and three main interest stories.  As mentioned before, non members of the NFPA® can also subscribe to the national paralegal reporter and some of these professionals would include state and local bar associations, as well as those involved in higher education for the paralegal vocation.
Modern Technology has also served to increase readership numbers as the national paralegal reporter can be read online as a PDF, as well as archived copies, and non-members can even subscribe to the national paralegal reporter online.

One thing that sets the national paralegal reporter apart from other trade magazines is that they openly seek written content from their members.  This has many benefits for the readership of national paralegal reporter and no doubt has contributed to the longevity of the magazine. It means the national paralegal reporter has up to date and current industry information, which is essential for paralegals and the legal profession, considering how much change takes place in legislation. Readers and writers both, of the national paralegal reporter, will therefore remain on the cutting edge of legislation change, which can only benefit the legal profession. 

Printing content in the national paralegal reporter from members also means the content will be highly practical and have already been proven in the work place, rather than simply be theory that hasn't been tested.

Encouraging member contributions to the content of the national paralegal reporter also boosts morale for the members, and those who are fortunate enough to have a piece published in the national paralegal reporter gain a wide exposure to the legal profession through the huge readership of the magazine. This in itself can be a major career boost and having a published article in the national paralegal reporter adds weight to the credentials of any professional. It also looks impressive on a resume.

Deadlines for submissions to the national paralegal reporter are generally set at three months prior to the publishing date. Content covers a range of legal interest topics. For example, content on family law, pro bono work, criminal law, personal injury and intellectual property are just some of the topics that have been published by the national paralegal reporter.

Continuing to encourage member contributions for content almost guarantees that the national paralegal reporter magazine will remain relevant and current to the paralegal profession and continue to grow in readership.

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National paralegal reporter is the trade magazine for the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, Inc.

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